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To assist each individual to achieve psychological wellbeing through the provision of a synergistic suite of appropriate and effective therapeutic interventions.  We facilitate holistic and integrated therapy for those who seek it.


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Mindfully Well

Mindfully Well is Canberra’s premier service for delivering EMDR Therapy, which is Level 1 treatment for PTSD and is the most effective treatment for any type of trauma, as well as a number of other common mental health concerns.

We also provide a variety of holistic and integrated psychological solutions for entrenched issues.

We do our utmost to ensure that you can achieve not only the remission of mental health concerns, but truly reach a greater sense of wellbeing.

At Mindfully Well, we seek to assist you in your desire to drive your wellness journey by being at the centre of it.  We provide you the care you need to determine the change you would like to see in your life and support you while you make those changes and follow through.  We have a number of therapists available to assist you with your issues and support you to resolve them.

There is sure to be someone in our team who can assist you with your journey to wellbeing.

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